Solar PV & Water Heater


Solar Water Heater (Residential & Commercial Use)

A Solar water heater uses a well insulated water storage tank. In the solar hot water system the collector is connected with storage tank through an additional inlet and outlet. Solar Water Heaters are also commonly known as domestic solar hot water systems and have gained a lot of popularity recently. They are not just a cost effective but also an environmental friendly way to heat water for your domestic needs. As they use sun's heat to work so if you stay at a place which has good exposure to sunlight then a solar water heater will surely help in decreasing the electricity bill expenses.Typically a solar hot water system comprises of solar collectors (usually PV or thermal cells) and storage tanks. Solar Water Heater It is available in two types of heating systems namely active and passive. An active system includes controls and circulating pumps, whereas passive system doesn't have any additional moving parts, it's just a dark colored tank filled with water; it uses convection principal to heat the water.

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